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What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth can cause discomfort when they come through the gum. Our experienced team are on hand to offer advice and treatment when you need it.

Often there is limited space for these teeth to come through the gum. This can cause food to become accumulated in the area of the wisdom tooth and for the gum to become swollen. Sometimes the gum around wisdom teeth can become infected.

A lot of the time this can be treated with great dental hygiene, cleaning the area well either with an electric toothbrush or expertly with a hygienist/ dentist. If this continues and leads to repeat swellings or infection, they can be removed.

Wisdom teeth can also be ‘impacted’ – whereby they do not come through the gum straight and can grow at an angle. These will often need a full mouth x-ray or a 3 dimensional scan to check, which we can do for you at Oak Hill.

Dr. Mohsin O. Ali has removed thousands of wisdom teeth for patients in general practice and hospital. He also trains and lectures other dentists in these procedures. If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3146 2123.

Need Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Call our Emergency Hotline to enquire a same-day dental appointment. 02031462123.

 Symptom Checker

This can happen as wisdom teeth come through the gum. It can often be an infection developing.

We would suggest that you use warm salt water rinses 4-5 times daily and over the counter painkillers.

You should arrange an appointment with us as soon as possible.

If you develop an infection around your wisdom tooth this can stop you from being able to open your mouth fully.

We would suggest you arrange an appointment as soon as possible. You are likely to require antibiotics.

In the meantime, we would suggest that you take over the counter pain killers and use salt water rinses 4-5 times daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

We following NICE guidelines with regards to wisdom tooth extractions. If you have repeated or severe infections around your wisdom teeth we can justify removing them, even if they have only come partially through the gum.

Thankfully having wisdom teeth removed is quite low risk.

There are nerves that gives you feeling to your chin, lip and tongue which can sit closely around wisdom teeth and the roots.

If the tooth is close to these nerves is a small chance numbness or altered feeling, usually this is temporary, but rarely it can be permanent. Before taking wisdom teeth out, this nerve is assessed with x-rays so that we can look after you safely.

If the wisdom tooth is sitting intimately with the nerve, we can carry out a ‘coronectomy’ which involves removing the top portion of the tooth and leave the root in order to protect the nerve.

Thankfully, no! There is no pain during the procedure. Nobody likes having a tooth removed, especially a wisdom tooth.

We will ensure you are completely numb before the tooth is removed. There can be a feeling of pressure as the tooth is extracted, but no sharp pain.

Only if they are causing a problem or a problem on the tooth in front of them.

As long as there is no dental disease in the wisdom tooth, surrounding teeth or bordering region, there is no adverse threats in leaving them as they are as long as good oral hygiene is preserved. It is consequently vital to consistently go to the dental professional to make certain that the wisdom teeth remain in health in addition to the rest of the mouth.

Wisdom teeth usually appear in late teens or early twenties. However, they can continue to come through your gum throughout life.

(The oldest person I have treated whose wisdom tooth came through the gum and needed to be removed was 83!)

There is often limited space for wisdom teeth to come through the gum. This causes food and debris to accumulate around it and cause soreness or infection in the gum. This can lead to pain and swelling.

At Oak Hill Dental we charge £250 – £450 based on complexity. This will include your full mouth x-ray and cone beam CT scan if required.

After wisdom tooth extraction we would recommend over the counter painkillers taken ‘by the clock’. This for most patients can be paracetamol and ibuprofen as long as you are able to take them safely.

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Amir K
Amir K
The staff at this practice are unparalleled! The most friendly and helpful staff I have ever had the experience of dealing with at a dental practice. Rahana and Usman have not only saved the day countless times for me personally, but are always such a joy to interact with. Thank you for making the dental experience so much better!
Patricia Paraschiv
Patricia Paraschiv
I am thrilled to express my immense gratitude for the exceptional care provided by Dr. orthodontist Suhaym Mubeen. The level of dedication, compassion, and professionalism exhibited by him surpasses all expectations. Dr. Suhaym's approach is marked by thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and meticulousness. His genuine concern for his patients is unparalleled. As a perfectionist, I greatly appreciated his unwavering attention to detail throughout my two-year treatment. His passion for his chosen profession is evident, and his involvement and care were nothing short of outstanding. One of the aspects that truly sets Dr. Suhaym apart is his willingness to take the time to explain each step of the treatment process, ensuring that I understood the purpose and benefits of every decision made. His explanations helped me make well-informed choices for my long-term oral health, instilling confidence and trust in his expertise. Every visit to Dr. Suhaym's office was a joyful experience, thanks not only to the exceptional services he provides but also to his exceptional team of colleagues, including the hygienists and general dentistry practitioners. The reception staff deserves a special mention for their friendliness, professionalism, and ability to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a patient of this outstanding practice. In summary, there are simply not enough words of thanks to adequately convey my gratitude to Dr. Suhaym Mubeen. His level of care, commitment, and professionalism is truly second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in search of an orthodontist who will go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience and deliver outstanding results.
Oliver L
Oliver L
Went to Oak Hill dental pratice to have my wisdom tooth removed, this was my first tooth extraction however Dr Ali was very empathetic, alivated any nerves I had and was very quick with the procedure. Highly recommended!
Will Hooper
Will Hooper
Just finished my final Invisalign session with orthodontist Suhaym Mubeen and felt compelled to leave a review after the incredible service I've received from him and his team over the past year. His diligence and attention to detail has been amazing and I am beyond happy with the results. He works and communicates with great clarity and care. And whilst he conducts himself very professionally, he does so with a warm, friendly energy that has honestly made the whole experience really nice. What a legend.
alan croucher
alan croucher
I received first class treatment from Dr. Ali. Dental treatment is never a pleasure but the process of installing an implant was virtually painless and the procedure was competently conducted.
sumayya choudry
sumayya choudry
Fantastic dentist practice. Ive had wisdom teeth problems for over 4 years and recently had a coronectomy on both sides at a NHS hospital near me. One side would not heal and I was in constant pain, I was told for 6 months that it has healed and the pain is jaw related and I should just continue with pain killers. I sent the photos and x-rays to Dr Ali and he was more than happy to walk me through what needed to be done and spent time listening to me and was genuinely interested in helping (and not in it for a profit as I've had in other private practices). I am now pain free after months of constant pain, and I am so grateful to Dr Ali and his team for their help.
Androulla Kilikita
Androulla Kilikita
5 star implant done at oakhill dental practice, very pleased, but a bit more expensive as I needed a bone graft
Jose Martin
Jose Martin
Always easy peasy
tony sobers
tony sobers
It took seven weeks to go from smashed front teeth to veneers and a perfect smile thanks to Dr Ali and the team at Oak Hill Dental Practice. Eight weeks before my wedding I fell and suffered serious damage to my face and teeth. Over the following weeks and a series of appointments Dr Ali set about repairing the damage, each session gave me more hope that I’d have a toothy grin for my wedding photos. Dr Ali and the team were totally supportive and reassuring during the treatment. And the result of the dental work was amazing, I had to tell people I’d had an injury, they wouldn’t have known otherwise. I’m loathed to change dentists and despite moving away from the area I stayed with Oak Hill as I know they are great, that confidence paid off. I can thoroughly recommend the entire team at Oak Hill Dental Practice, you’ll be in good hands
Mike Bliss
Mike Bliss
After recently finishing a series of dental treatments, leading to the fitting of a new implant and two replacement crowns for my front teeth, I have nothing but the highest praise for the team at the Oak Hill Dental & Implant Centre. After the initial consultation, assessment, and CT scan - which revealed insufficient bone to take an implant - Dr Moshin Ali drafted an impressive four-phase plan which was described to me clearly and professionally and in a manner that put me completely at ease. The most daunting procedures - including both bone and gum grafting surgeries - went extremely well, and the aftercare was excellent with follow up calls from the doctor's reassuringly calm and efficient assistant, Mihaela. As we came towards the end of the treatments Moshin took a great deal of time and care to achieve a very natural look and I am delighted with the results. Kudos also to Steve and the other receptionists who are always most welcoming, patient and helpful when you arrive or call. I have no hesitation in recommending this practise. Thank you so much!
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