What are Periodontics?

Periodontics is a speciality related to the diagnosis and management of gum disease. Yavar Khan is a specialist periodontist and we are pleased to announce he is currently seeing new patients at Oak Hill Dental.

Root Surface Debridement (RSD)
RSD is the process of cleaning teeth below the gum line. This entails making use of delicate as well as elaborate instruments which shake and also flush away the deposits of plaque and calculus from the surfaces of teeth. RSD is normally done in circumstances where the gum condition does not improve simply through cleaning better at home. The aim is to thoroughly debride and remove bugs deep below the gums which cause gum disease. You’ll be glad to know that the treatment is always performed with local anaesthetic.This treatment might take a few appointments to allow the gums to heal and settle between visits.

Gum Grafting
As gum disease progresses, it can lead to recession of the gums giving the teeth a longer appearance. This can in turn lead to gap developing between teeth (black triangles) as well as sensitivity. Recession of the gums can also be caused by overzealous brushing.

It is possible to cover the roots of your teeth with gum graft taken from animal sources or from the palate

Crown lengthening
When there is excessive gum cells around the teeth, it can lead to the appearance of a short teeth or a gummy smile. In a similar way if there is a high smile line, it can result in the exact same appearance. Crown lengthening involves recontouring the gum and bone around your teeth, allowing your teeth to look more natural and give you a more confident smile.

Implant dentistry has actually progressed significantly with a growing number of people having dental implants placed. Implants are susceptible to gum disease in the same way your natural teeth are.

If your gum and implant health is not maintained on a daily basis, gum disease can happen around the dental implant which cause swelling of the gums around the implant, bone loss around it and the eventual loss of your dental implant. This is called peri-implantitis.

The treatment typically includes deep cleaning of the dental implant and the maintaining gum tissue around it. Additional bone and gum grafting procedures might also be required to help maintain the dental implant.

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