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At Oak Hill, we always carry out a thorough and comprehensive dental assessment at every examination.

One of our friendly dentists will greet you at your appointment, and will discuss with you your goals. We will always pay attention to your requirements and expectations, as well as any facets of your dental treatment you want us to pay particular attention to.

We would then carry out a thorough medical and dental history and an assessment of the face, head and neck, including oral cancer screening.

Your gum health will be reviewed and you will be encouraged to carry on cleaning in those areas you are doing well in, and will be recommended ways in which you can improve in those areas you need to. We believe in use of visual aids to empower our patients in how to keep their mouths healthy.

Your teeth will then be checked and if necessary, dental x-rays will be taken for give us a full assessment of your dentition. If any inflammation or decay has been identified, you will be informed and shown and will be provided with various treatment options to suit you.

We emphasise on prevention and we always have a chat about how to protect yourself against oral diseases. We believe this is a mutual effort in giving advice, education and enabling you with the tools you require to maintain a healthy dentition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your dentist will advise you of your risk factors and how frequently you should attend for a dental check up. We would usually see patients every 3, 6 or 12 months.

This is a slow, progressing disease which causing the gums to swell around your teeth and eventually for the bone around teeth to be lost.

This results in painful, bleeding gums, a bad smell, taste or bad breath.

If gum disease is left untreated it can lead to loose teeth, or teeth that start drifting. Eventually, owing to gum disease, teeth can be lost.

Gum disease is often as a result of smoking or diabetes.

The first step is to get your brushing right. Brush twice a day with a soft headed toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste and use interdental brushes or floss. You may need a few different size interdental brushes because the space between our teeth are not all the same.

Attending to see the dentist and hygienist will allow us to check your gums routinely and highlight any areas that require attention before they become a problem. These areas can be cleaned to help you improve the health of your gums.

We would recommend everybody to stop smoking for the numerous health and dental health benefits. Smokers are more likely to lose their teeth than non smokers.

If you have diabetes, we would encourage you to speak to your GP about ensuring it is under control.

Decay is a hole that develops in a tooth that requires a filling. This involves cleaning the tooth and rebuilding it with a silver or white filling.

Decay happens over time and is caused by eating sugar too frequently during the day and improper cleaning of teeth. If plaque is left on teeth, it can slowly soften your teeth and cause holes to develop.

If you are able to limit any sugary items to three meals a day and one other time during the day, you are less likely to develop decay.

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste helps to repair your teeth. Flossing will help to remove any food present between your teeth and prevent decay from developing.

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