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What are Dental Bridges?

When thinking about replacing missing teeth, there are a number of alternatives available. This includes dentures, dental implants and oral bridges. An oral bridge is a tooth formed fixed oral home appliance which attaches the teeth either side of the missing out on tooth/ teeth.

A bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or several teeth. The artificial tooth is anchored to your own teeth on either side, or sometimes just on one side. To make a strong and long-lasting bridge and to ensure alignment, the replacement teeth are sometimes attached to crowns which are fitted to the adjacent teeth.

There are 2 broad groups of bridges:

Resin retained
This is also known as a ‘sticky bridge’. They generally do not involve shaping of the surround teeth. A prosthetic tooth with a metal wing attached to it is bonded onto the tooth next door to fill the space.

This involves reshaping the teeth either side of the missing tooth and having a bridge fitted over them all. The introduction of dental implants means that traditional bridges are much less popular owing to the shaping of the surrounding teeth to support them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A crown is for a single tooth. A bridge fills the space of one or more missing teeth.

In order to have fixed teeth you’d either be looking at a bridge or a dental implant.

Both options have their benefits. The advantage of an implant is that is does not affect the surround teeth, whereas a bridge would involve attaching the missing tooth to the surround teeth.

Bridges are a good alternative to implants – as long as they can be carried out predictably for you.

Not always. It depends on where the tooth is in the mouth.

Leaving a missing space can cause the teeth opposite it to over-erupt and teeth either side to drift.

We would always advise you, in your best interests, the benefits or risks of having a missing tooth or teeth replaced.

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