What is Sedation?

If you are particularly anxious or due to have a prolonged uncomfortable procedure, you may wish to have intra-venous sedation.

IV sedation can safely be carried out for any dental procedure.

The aims of sedation are to:

Reduce discomfort for a procedure and make you more relaxed

Allow us to carry out your treatment safely

What is it?
IV sedation involved placing a small cannula in the back of your hand or arm. It allows you to be conscious, but completely relaxed during the procedure. This allows you to readily accept the treatment being undertaken whilst still communicating with us. The advantage of this approach is that you end up feeling a little drowsy during the procedure and forget most of what treatment was carried out.

Is it secure?
Yes, it is entirely safe to carry out. We use midazolam and slowly increase the dose given to you to ensure you are suitably relaxed to have treatment carried out under sedation. We keep a close eye on your oxygen saturation, pulse rate and blood pressure. The benefit of this treatment is the recovery time, the effect of sedation wears off quickly and allows you to return home with an escort after the procedure.

The benefits of sedation

  1. Allows you to feel relaxed and have treatment carried out safely.
  2. Prevents the need for a general anaesthetic for treatment
  3. Reduced recovery time
  4. Treatment can be carried out in practice and does not require a hospital referral.

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Please find attached our sedation advice sheet for you to follow before and after your appointment.

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