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What are Fillings?

Not all tooth decay can be seen by the naked eye. There may not be any pain or even discomfort, until it deteriorates and becomes much deeper and larger. In order to avoid needing fillings, it is important to come and see us regularly so that all surfaces of your teeth can be checked and any decay picked up early.

At Oak Hill Dental, we want to help form a firm dental routine into your day, so you develop a love for looking after your teeth rather than avoiding it.

Dental decay occurs due to the presence of acid on the tooth surface. This acid arises when some form of sugar is introduced into your mouth. If the tooth surface is not cleaned properly, there will be a higher number of bacteria on your tooth in the form of plaque. If you have sugar too frequently in the day, over a period of time, this will cause holes to form in your teeth. In the event that dental cavity does occur, we can repair the tooth surface that has been lost with a dental filling.

Dental fillings come in a variety of materials and the goal is to place a long-lasting, most effective restoration in your mouth. Sometimes, interim fillings can be placed between dental visits or at emergency appointments to make you more comfortable until your next visit.

Some fillings can be placed, by modelling the material directly in your tooth at your appointment, whereas others can be made at a lab and subsequently cemented in place at a different appointment. These are known as inlays or onlays.

At Oak Hill Dental, there are two main filling materials we use routinely, amalgam (the traditional silver filling) and composite resin (cosmetic tooth coloured fillings).

How are the fillings carried out?

When you visit us for your filling, firstly, we will discuss which filling is to be placed and make sure you are comfortable. Then anaesthetic will be used to numb the tooth and gum appropriately to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible for you. The decayed tooth surface or previous filling will then be removed and the tooth washed.

For a metal filling, this will then be placed into the area and carved. We would normally advise to avoid eating on the tooth for the remainder of the day to allow it to reach full strength prior to any force being placed on it.

For a composite filling, the tooth is first prepared and an adhesive is used to allow the filling to adhere to the tooth. The filling is then layered onto the tooth surface to the appropriate shape and size. A blue light is used to set the material immediately, so there is no need to wait all day before biting on the tooth, you would just have to wait until the numbness wears off!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fillings can wear down over time and require replacement. If you have a filling that has broken, it may require replacement. Please call us to arrange an appointment to have your broken filling checked and treated.

When there is decay in a tooth, it requires cleaning and for a filling to rebuild the tooth. Sometimes the nerve in the tooth can become irritated following a filling, especially if the decay is deep. The easiest way to treat this is to use desensitising paste over the tooth. Rub a small pea sized amount onto the tooth and leave it in place overnight.

If the pain becomes constant, is worse with hot drinks or keeps you awake at night, you might require further treatment in the tooth, such as a root canal filling.

This involves having a small injection to get the tooth numb. Following on from this, there is a short period of cleaning the tooth with a drill and then rebuilding the tooth with a silver or white filling.

Fillings can take 15-60 minutes to complete.

Much the same way as you look after your normal teeth. Brush and floss well around them to ensure any food debris is removed. This will prevent further decay developing around your teeth.

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