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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Believe it or not, all teeth have a nerve and blood supply which enables us to pick up pain, pressure, temperature. The nerve is in located in the centre of the tooth and lives in channels in the root called canals.

Due to tooth decay, injury to the tooth or gum disease, the nerve supply to the tooth can become infected, which results in tooth ache. This is the tooth’s way of telling us that something is wrong, but can also make it difficult for you to go about your daily routine and may even stop you from eating or drinking as you’d like.

To resolve this problem, the root canal system needs to be cleaned out and disinfected to remove the bacteria and dead nerve that is present. This is known as root canal treatment or endodontic treatment.

How is root canal treatment carried out?

After ensuring the tooth is completely numb and that you cannot feel anything, a rubber sheet is placed on the tooth to separate it from the rest of the mouth. The centre of the tooth is then accessed, and thin instruments are used to clean out the nerve and bacteria. The tooth is cleaned out with a disinfectant solution to further ensure it is sterile and clean.

Once the channels in the tooth have been appropriately cleaned and disinfected, the root is filled with rubber percha to stop any bugs getting back down the root. The success rates of root canal fillings can be high.

Alternatives to having a root canal treatment would be to extract and replace the tooth with a denture, a bridge or an implant. Or simply leaving the space.

If you are anxious, please let us know. We are highly experienced and give you the time you require to help relax you and make you feel comfortable during the treatment.

Dr. Tauseef Mahmood is a specialty registrar at the Eastman Dental Institute and takes referrals for root canals treatments at Oak Hill Dental Practice. Should it be routine or complicated, with us you are in safe hands!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can take 1-3 visits to complete root canal treatment.

Thankfully, no! We routinely use a strong anaesthetic to ensure you are completely numb and do not feel any pain during the procedure.

Only if your tooth is infected it can be a little sore for a brief moment or two during the procedure.

There can be a little discomfort for 3-5 days after the procedure. This is usually controlled with over the counter painkillers.

The fee depends on the complexity of the root canal filling. The range of fees would be a band 2 charge on the NHS to £600.

Not all teeth ae suitable for root canal treatment. Should you require this treatment your dentist will be able to advise you at your appointment.

All treatment in the mouth can and will eventually fail. Nevertheless, success rates can be as high as 90% if the treatment can be carried out predictably.

The reasons why root canal treatments fail is if you develop a crack in your tooth, new decay, or if the tooth is not protected with an onlay or a crown.

Sometimes it is possible to redo root canal treatments. The alternative to root canal treatment would to have the tooth removed and consider replacement with a denture, bridge or implant.

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